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Jeanie Boy Applications Open!

The South West Academy of Sport alongside Sarah Wall  (SWAS Elite Athlete, former Melbourne Vixen and NSW Swift, and Founder of Jeanieboy) are very excited to announce their new season of Dream Catchers Netball Academy!
Dream Catchers Netball Academy has been developed to empower girls. To give the opportunity to be exposed to positive & influential role models. To ensure that they have control over their destiny, no matter what their circumstances may be. Linking young adolescents to strong significant role models, in the most vulnerable years of their lives, will create a life long impact. The role model link is targeted to strengthen girls confidence and empower them to follow their dreams.  

Applications are currently open and close on September 19th with the first session to kick off in Warrnambool on the 9th of October!
Please see the attached flyers for more information, applications can be completed by the following link:

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Download this file (Application2014-DreamCatchers.pdf)Dream Catchers Application Form 158 Kb
Download this file (DreamCatchers2014-Flyer.pdf)Dream Catcher Flyer 807 Kb

New Look AIS Sports Draft

The future of Australian sport has been released and it is looking good so far!

The following link shows a snapshot of what is to come and how aspiring Australian athletes can find themselves right in the thick of it all training to become the next national champion.

In 2014, the Sports Draft focus will be on:

• athletics: throwing, pole vault and sprinting up to 400 metres
• rugby 7s: women
• hockey: goalies (women)
• combat sports
• paddling sports: kayak and canoe (sprint and slalom)
• track sprint cycling

Also alongside this, the Para-Draft has also been released, with the Australian Paralympic Commitee looking for athletes who hold the capabilities to talent transfer or new athletes altogether.

SWAS Athletes, you are encouraged to have a look at both videos. Not only to benefit yourselves, but to also spark the imaginations of others who you feel may fit the criteria. 

For further information please contact Kathryn Clare at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Care & Share for the APC!

Australian Paralympic Committee

The Australian Paralympic Committee and Just Giving have launched a brand new initiative to help raise fund for much needed transport and athlete services for Australia's Highly Successful Paralympians. 

Giving is simply easy, all you have to do is follow the link to the APC Just Giving page and click the "Care" button.

For every 'care' given, Just Giving will donate $1.00 to the APC! It is that easy, that everyone can do it.

To be a good sport, head over to the SWAS Facebook Page and share the link so all your friends and family can get on board and the word gets spread!

Help others achieve their dreams, because one da it will come back to you.

Happy Friday!


Concussion Treatment Findings


An interesting research finding by the Universiy of Calgary in America, posted by the National Post.

Findings about the treatment of lingering Concussion Symptoms and their return to play, read it here:

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