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Shooting Update March & April 2017


SWAS Shooting Results and Update

March & April 2017


Sara Kosch, Harry Clark and Jordain Patterson achieved their National 50 tgt Break Badge and Daniel Demassi achieved his National 50, 75 & 100 tgt Break Badges.

Daniel Hawtin – 1st C Grade 50 tgt Double Barrel

2nd  C Grade 100 tgt Points Score

Harry Clark – 2nd A Grade 100 tgt Points Score

Daniel Demassi – 2nd Sub Junior 75  tgt Champion of Champions

3rd Sub Junior 50 pair (100 tgt) Double Rise

Penny Smith  –  3rd Handicap off 24m

1st AA Grade Double Barrel – score 366/366 which made her also 2nd overall

1st Overall Women’s Double Barrel

member of Women’s Mackintosh Team

Team B Women’s World Championship member

 Sara Kosch -   Olympic Endeavour Award : An award given to the best U18 female shooter in the Double, Single Barrel and Points Score events. 


Colac March Monthly Shoot

Sara Kosch – 50 tgt Point Score 1st A grade 150/150, Double Barrel 50/50  - Perfect score for the day 200/200  -   Overall Junior High Gun Sash, Overall Ladies High Gun Sash , Overall A Grade High Gun Sash and Overall High Gun for the day


Werribee Monthly Sunday Shoot

Sara Kosch – 1st AA Grade Victorian State Single Barrel Continental (she beat her father and another Noorat member in a shoot off)

Hay Easter Shoot

Ethan Domney  -  100 & 150 target Break Badges

Myamin Easter Monday Shoot

Jordain Paterson – Overall Double Barrel

Sara Kosch – 2nd AA Grade Double Barrel 

SWZ 100 target Ball Trap

Daniel Demasi – 1st B Grade

Ethan Domney – 2nd C Grade

Daniel Damassi was selected to represent the South West Zone later in the year as part of a 5 person team. 


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